S A L E S – P R O G R A M     



ARTICLE                                                                                        BRAND, i.e.

=======                                                                                          =========

Brake drums and discs                                                                        ZIMMERMANN, FZB,


Brake linings, pads, shoes, rivets                                                        ATE


Brake parts for air and hydraulic system                                           WABCO, KNORR, ATE, FAG


Clutch discs, pressure plates, release bearings                                 SACHS, LUK


Electrical parts, i.e. alternators, starters, rotors,                                 BOSCH, HELLA, MONARK,

                            regulators, switches, condensers,                             SWF, HERTH & BUSS

                            head lights etc.                                                       



Filters (oil, fuel, air)                                                                             KNECHT/MAHLE, MANN, HENGST


Gaskets and gasket sets                                                                     ELRING, REINZ, DPH, GOETZE


Gearboxes and parts                                                                           ZF


GENUINE parts for German and European cars and trucks, like             MERCEDES BENZ, BMW, OPEL, MAN, RENAULT


Injection pumps, nozzles, valves, elements etc.                                BOSCH, MONARK,


Oil seals                                                                                                   BRUSS, CFW


Pistons and assemblies, Piston rings and sets                                     MAHLE, KS, GOETZE, SM


Propeller shafts, universal joints                                                            GKN (GWB, LOEBRO)


Pumps (oil, fuel, water, steering)                                                          FEBI, ZF; PIERBURG,


Shock absorbers                                                                                     SACHS, LUK, MONROE


Radiators                                                                                                  BEHR, NRF, NISSENS


Tyres                                                                                                         VARIOUS BRANDS


Speedometers, amperemeters etc.                                                  VDO


Steering parts, pumps                                                                         ZF


Thermostates                                                                                      BEHR, WAHLER


Valves, inlet and exhaust                                                                     SM


Windscreens                                                                                       PILKINGTON




                        We carry a complete range of spare parts and accessories.

                        Please ask us also for items not mentioned in this list !!

                                   THEODOR LAUE & CO. e.K., BREMEN/GERMANY